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Apr 25, 2010 6:30pm EDT
crossed from west virginia into washington county in maryland. this big hail core is headed towards fredrick right now, right on route 15and east, northeast at about 30, 40 miles per hour. we have severe thunderstorm and thunderstorm warnings that continue back in virginia and back to winchester and berryville. but that particular storm had shown supercell characteristics. individual thunderstorms that can take their own weather. and, again, just severe thunderstorm warnings right now until 7:00 for washington fredrick counties in maryland, northern part of louden until 7:00. let's go back to the weather computer and show you where we have the slight risks of severe weather from the storm prediction center and. i want to highlight that they have put there's a 5% chance of rotation showing up in the storms. and this is something i was concerned with last night, saying we had a chance of an isolated tornado. there's the watch box until 7 :00, mainly for fredrick, you are right under the gun. you will probably see the hail core within the next 10, 20minutes. thunderstorm watch until 11
Apr 18, 2010 6:30pm EDT
skies. temperatures in the mid-60s. and especially in northern virginia and the advisories. they will get to a little cloud cover by wednesday and the weak storm system and they get us the first shot of the return of the light rain and the showers during wednesday, holding us down a couple of degrees. downtown, we're only 40 degrees. a lot of 30s started to show themselves depending on where you are. even at freezing levels. virginia, right around 60 as we go through your high temperatures. monday, we'll definitely see the high temperatures. a nice game. mild, sunny, 64 degrees. the zone forecast, showing up, even into the elevations out west. we're returning with the sunny skies and temperatures back into the 60s. the seven-day forecast. there is the first shot of the rain returning with the light showers on wednesday. again, very light rain on wednesday. even thursday into friday morning. the next significant shot of the scattered thunderstorms. un. if gnatly, holding off until next weekend. we warm up. temperatures back into the 80s with the numerous scattered showers and thun
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2